Charmed, I’m sure

Things to know about me:

A word on virtues.  Niceness is not a virtue.  It is indicative, instead, either that you are insincere or that you lack intellect sufficient to make proper judgments.  Virtues I do recognize? Loyalty, wit, compassion, grace.  Virtues I admire (but cannot claim as my own)?  Patience.  And the ability to adhere to a budget.

I am often told that things are rather black and white with me.  In that spirit, things which I love and things which I loathe.

My love abides for: coffee, the Phillies, Opening Day, quizzo, bloody marys, Philadelphia, sarcasm, cooking, Dorothy Parker, Mummers, puppies, Galway, Wii, and a stupefying number of shameful television programs.

My disdain is boundless for: Septa, people who lack a fundamental self-awareness, the wedding-industrial complex and the poor souls sucked therein, and New York.


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