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Trying very hard, because I promised to.

As I’ve said in the past, my old go-to in terms of coping with an impending day of misery was to imagine myself past it.  To conjure how I’d feel in the future, perfect-tense, looking back on the dread moment.

It’s not a mechanism that lends itself well to the sixth of February.  There is no magical perfect-tense date on which to perch and cast a wary eye back.  In fact, there isn’t even really a dread moment, either.  Every moment is the one I fear, and the sum of all the moments I spent in fear of so long before that.

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But that is much

Archived, February 2006

Maybe Mike is right when he says there is something to writing with a clear head.
That said, despite the obvious fact that this entry has been a long time coming, I’ve been staring at unintentional white space here for a very long time.

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